Can Oil Grade Numbers Effect Your Car?

Motor oil is the essential fluid in any vehicle. It lubricates all the moving parts and prevents them from grinding against each other and wearing down. Not all motor oils are created equal, but they all serve the same purpose. 


Jim Norton Toyota OKC will discuss choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle and what factors to consider. We will also look at how oil grade numbers can affect your car's performance.



Viscosity Rating


When choosing a motor oil, the first thing you should consider is its viscosity rating. In other words, how thick or thin it is. Lighter oils are better for colder climates because they flow through the engine more efficiently and provide lubrication faster than thicker oils at lower temperatures. Thicker oils are recommended in warmer weather because they offer better protection against wear and tear on your engine's components.



Various Motor Oil Blends


Not all motor oils are the same, however. Many different lubricants are available in today's market, including synthetic blends and full synthetics, which have both benefits and risks depending on what kind of vehicle you're looking at buying or currently driving around town.


You need to be aware that different motor oil classifications exist, including synthetic blends and conventional or non-synthetic oils. If your car manufacturer states that you should use a full synthetic oil rather than a conventional type of oil, then you must follow these instructions. 


There are benefits to using synthetic oils: they can protect your engine better than conventional oil while being more resistant to heat and other issues. If you want to try a less expensive motor oil, it is okay if the rating matches the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Choose the Right Engine Oil


The next thing you need to do before buying motor oil is to determine what grade number will be the best for your car's engine. It depends on the engine size and driving conditions where you live, such as highway versus city streets, because these factors affect how much heat the engine produces. 


You can either check the owner's manual or go onto the manufacturer's website and look up your car's model to see what they recommend. You might even be able to find this information on a sticker located inside the driver-side doorjamb or on the dipstick or the oil cap. Once you have found this number, you can start shopping around for the right motor oil.




The right motor oil can make a huge difference in how your engine performs. What grade of oil do you have now? If it's not the best for your vehicle, we recommend coming into Jim Norton Toyota OKC serving Moore, OK, to consult with one of our expert technicians. 


Our team is here to answer any questions and help you find the perfect solution for maintaining your car or truck. 

November 15, 2021
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