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Repair Authorization

    *Note: License plates will be blacked out.
  • PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING Upon signing this form, you are authorizing Jim Norton Toyota to repair your vehicle, including teardown/disassembly/diagnosis, body, paint, rebuild, clean-up, any sublet repairs, mechanical repairs, and other associated repairs. As the undersigned party, you are also agreeing to be responsible for payment for all repairs, including deductibles and betterment payments. As part of your payment responsibility, you authorize the insurance carrier, if one is involved, to make payment directly to Jim Norton Toyota. As part of the repair process, you authorize Jim Norton Toyota employees to test drive your vehicle for purposes of diagnosis, repair, and inspection. Jim Norton Toyota is not responsible for loss occasioned by theft, accident, fire, acts of nature, or vandalism while the vehicle remains on Jim Norton Toyota property. Furthermore, Jim Norton Toyota is not responsible for loss of personal property or contents within the vehicle. Jim Norton Toyota does take all reasonable precautions to protect your vehicle while on property. Note: if any damages to your vehicle are caused by a Jim Norton Toyota employee due to negligence, those repairs will be handled at no charge to the customer. Power of Attorney: The undersigned hearby appoints any corporate officer or duly authorized employee of Jim Norton Toyota the power and right to endorse payments by signing your name to any payment from insurance carrier(s) as applicable, and attribute them to the repairs of the vehicle, provided that such proceeds are used for payment due to Jim Norton Toyota. All repairs made to vehicle are for customers, regardless of insurance company involvement, and it is your responsibility as the customer, to provide insurance company estimates, claim numbers, and payment in the negotiation of this repair. Regardless of the source, they are required before the vehicle can be released. Payments given directly to the customer, deductible and betterments are always the responsibility of the customer and must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released. Upon completion, undersigned agrees to pay storage fees for everyday onsite past 7 days of completion. If total loss, then any disassemble fees, storage fees (from date of drop off), admin fees, and parts restock fees (15% of retail value) must be paid in full before vehicle may be released to either undersigned party / vehicle owner, insurance company, or salvage yard facility. Jim Norton Toyota will use all reasonable efforts to acquire high quality Aftermarket and LKQ parts as dictated and approved by any applicable insurance carrier(s) and/or undersigned party. All body, paint, mechanical labor, paint materials, and parts come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See brochure for specific warranty details that may be applicable to the agreed upon repairs as performed.
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Repair Authorization Oklahoma City, OK | Jim Norton Toyota OKC

Body Labor$75.00
Paint Labor$75.00
Body Material Rate$3.00
Paint Material Rate$60.00
Frame Labor$110.00
Mechanical Labor$150.00
Aluminum Structural Labor$105.00
Aluminum Non-Structural Labor$90.00
Storage (Daily Rate)$95.00
Administrative Fee$200.00
Parts Return / Restock Fee25%