The Eco-Friendly Potential Of Online Car Purchases!

Among the many trends making headways in the automotive sales sector, online car buying & investment in hybrid cars are on a correlated rise. It's' nice to know that responsible eco-aware consumers are amassing in even greater numbers to bring a positive change in their consumption trends to benefit the environment.


Jim Norton Toyota brings you a few of the more positive implications of online buying that are set to transform the environment as we see it!

Fewer Carbon Emissions

It is a given that when car hunting, always visit a few dealerships for the best deals, then start negotiating for the one who beats a deal and seals yours. People fail to realize the amount of time & fuel they are wasting when they can just make calls to a dealership from their homes. With online car buying, your carbon footprint is nearly non-existent. You are still availing of all the benefits that a regular client would at a dealership, except that you are doing it from the comfort of your home!

Less Paper Used

The more people shop online, the fewer brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, coupon cards, and even documentation are needed at a dealership. It's a modern online transaction age where online invoices & receipts exist, where electronic signatures are authenticated, and money is all but a digital currency. With an online buy, you are contributing to fewer trees cut down; now imagine that on a large-scale shift to online buying!


The benefit of online buying is that you finally see the use of electric & hybrid transmission cars and deem them a worthy investment to cut down on your carbon footprint. This knowledge almost gets skipped at a physical dealership, and no one but the lack of awareness is to blame. However, the electric & hybrid car market has bloomed this year along with online car buying, which is another win-win for the environment!


Even if your selected car is pre-owned or a new fuel-based car, you can accessorize it with specific parts to ease up your carbon emissions. Catalytic converters, solar charging, fuel-efficient tires, lightweight but sturdy chassis, & preventive maintenance enhance your fuel economy and reduce unnecessary pollutants from being released into the air.

Delivery Options

The benefit goes two ways: on one end, online car buying saves you on many dealer fees because you are not incurring any overhead charges, and on the other, you get your dream car delivered to your doorstep. Then all that's left is to cover the electronic purchase documents, and everything's dandy.


Jim Norton Toyota, serving Newcastle, OK, is already invested in making the latest 2022 hybrid cars available to our clients at both our physical & online inventories with a loaded range of accessories to pick from at our 100% online, express buy. Take our virtual tour and have your pick from our new, used, and certified pre-owned inventory right at our website. Financing is just as easy as it would be on a physical visit!

Get in touch with our dealership for more online car buying details today!

May 9, 2022
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