Electric Cars – A Shocking New Industry Trend

The automotive industry is changing. With rising gas prices and stricter emissions standards, many people are seeking alternatives to traditional vehicles. Electric cars have been around for a long time. Still, their popularity has increased over the last decade as advancements in technology have led to better performance and lower manufacturing costs.


Let's explore some of the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles such as electric cars.


No Need to Spend a Ton of Money on Gasoline

The biggest benefit of electric cars is that you don’t have to buy gasoline. This is especially helpful if you live in a state where the cost of gas is notoriously high. You can save thousands over time by switching to an electric car.


The average American spends more than $2000 a year on gasoline, and many people would rather spend this money elsewhere if they could avoid it. Electric cars don’t require gasoline, so you can save that money and spend it on something else.


Good for the Environment

Another big benefit of electric cars is that they’re good for the environment. If you want to do your part in ensuring we all have a clean and healthy planet, an electric car can help you achieve this goal. Electric vehicles don't produce any harmful emissions as gasoline-powered automobiles do. This not only helps the environment but also everyone around you.


An electric car is the best choice for people who care about reducing their carbon footprint, want to save money on gas prices, and help keep our planet clean. 

Better Driving Experience

The biggest benefit of electric cars is that they offer a better driving experience than most traditional gas-powered vehicles. It’s common to compare an electric vehicle to a silent sports car, and the comparison has merit: electric motors provide instant torque for accelerating from stoplights quickly and effortlessly.


Electric cars also have regenerative braking systems, which means the vehicle uses the motion of your foot on the accelerator as a motor to recharge its batteries. This can cut down on brake maintenance and help you save money in the long run while also helping reduce carbon emissions from braking by approximately 40%.


Longer Lifespan

Electric cars also have a much longer lifespan than gas-powered vehicles. While the average car needs to be replaced every 11 years, electric cars can last 12 or 15 years without any problems. This is because electric motors are much more durable and reliable than gas engines. So if you’re looking to save money in the long run, electric cars are your best bet.

The automotive industry is changing, and the shift to hybrid cars may be a sign that electric cars are on their way. Jim Norton Toyota, serving Edmond, OK, has been at the forefront of this change with our commitment to offering Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles in our inventory, including the Toyota Prius Prime, Camry Hybrid, Corolla Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, and more. Stop by our showroom today for more information on these amazing new models!

June 8, 2022
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